About Us

Putting The Who In TabbyRoo

We love animals. Really love animals. And you know how quickly one cat can turn into three cats, two dogs and a turtle. And let’s not forget the guinea pig. For us, it all started with a homeless kitten who naturally needed a sister, who of course, wanted a brother and some friends. And where there are pets there is the less than welcome task of clean-up. That’s why we came up with a simple way to help with the clean-up process. Take cats for example…


A Paw-Plexing Problem

We bet you’re thinking about the litter box right now because let’s be honest, trying to scoop used litter into a clumsy plastic bag is such a messy inconvenience. And what do we all do after scooping into that bag? We toss it out before it’s full. So, we designed an inexpensive cool cat product that modernizes the task of cleaning out the traditional litter box while generating less plastic waste. Purrfectly simple. Practically effortless. Convenience redefined.



Introducing the ScoopyLoo!

A convenient, interim receptacle to deposit used cat litter. Simply open the lid, insert the ScoopyLoo bag, hook onto the litter box, scoop, then close the lid. When the bag is filled, just lift out and throw away.

  • The ScoopyLoo decreases time spent cleaning out the traditional litter box by allowing the convenience of cleaning up quickly and often, efficiently, and spill-free.
  • It’s ease of use encourages frequent clean-ups. Because it’s conducive to repeated cleanings the ScoopyLoo prevents waste from ‘spreading’, ‘infecting’ the rest of the litter box.
  • It’s specially designed overhanging lip eliminates the need to sweep up fallen litter after every cleaning.
  • Can be easily moved and mounted on multiple traditional litter boxes. Leave the ScoopyLoo hooked on until the next cleaning or place it in any location.
  • Removable scooper holder for your convenience.
  • The recessed lid and replaceable filter drastically minimizes odors.


**Patent # US 10,660,299 **