“I have owned and most of all rescued over 100 cats since I was a teenager and cleaned litter boxes. I can’t tell you how this product has made my litter box cleaning so much easier. I would recommend this to all my friends and family.”  – Liz R. Babylon NY


“The ScoopyLoo has made my life so much easier. I clean out my litter boxes twice daily and knowing that ScoopyLoo is attached makes scooping litter faster and hassle free! No more spillage all over the place. It is the perfect size to hook on to any size litter boxes. I love it! It is a great product and I would highly recommend it.” – Patti L. New York, NY


“The ScoopyLoo is awesome! I’ve been using hand held bags for years and this makes it soooo much easier. Scooping out the litter box is not such a hassle anymore. What a relief. Such a clever idea!” – Lisa P. Long Island, NY


” I love my ScoopyLoo!! I have 5 litter boxes upstairs and downstairs. There was always such a mess scooping into a hand held plastic bag especially going from litter box to litter box. It was beyond frustrating. Now, I just hook the ScoopyLoo onto the litter box, scoop, remove it and carry it to the next box. The hook and footer design is brilliant. Highly recommended for cat lovers everywhere.” – Vim B. Brightwaters, NY